An Advanced nine-step process

Linen Cleaning Service

We’ve implemented each phase in our nine-step process to guarantee the most thorough cleaning possible. The unique procedure includes world-class equipment and advanced washing techniques that result in clean linens with a fresh smell and a vivid glimmer. We obsess over every detail to make sure that your guests are greeted with noticeably brighter linens every single day. Take a look at what your linens go through in our nine-step process below.

Fleet of cargo vans

1.Pick Up

Every day our crew of cargo vehicles drive out to your location and pick up your soiled linens.

2. Hand Sorted

Your items are then brought to the WHLS facility, and hand sorted by linen type. We weigh the laundry and electronically enter the items into our system. We then tag your linens to ensure there is no cross-contamination.

image of automation machine display
Milnor logo on tunnel washer

3. Deep Clean

Items are then transferred to the stateof-the-art 10-module Milnor industrial tunnel washer for a deep clean.

4. Dried

After your linens have been washed, the items move along through an automated system to the dryer.

industrial dryer
Staff inspecting laundry at WHLS

5. Quality Check

Each item receives a quality check that looks for anything that may not meet our standards. After the inspection, the items are hand sorted once again by client and linen type.

6. Ironed and Folded

Based on the linen type, each item is then machine folded, ironed, or both to ensure that there are no unwanted wrinkles or creases. Specialty items, such as robes, may be folded by hand.

WHLS Employees folding linens
Linen folding machine

7. Quality Assurance

A final quality assurance check is performed on each item to confirm that all items uphold to our standards. If there is a piece that doesn't meet our requirements, we wash it again at no extra charge.

8. Final Finishing

All linen is carefully counted, packed, and weighed in customer-tagged carts. The linen is then prepped and organized for delivery.

Neatly stacked and folded white towels
Housekeeper holding folded linens in a hotel room

9. Delivery

Within 24-hours we set out to deliver your clean, dried, and folded linen to your doorstep.

Environmental Responsibility

Going green has become an essential part of our process. We’ve made a commitment to protecting the environment through various eco-friendly washing techniques and new machinery. Our recent $2.3 million expansion included equipment with state-of-the-art water conservation systems and energy reduction processes.

Washing Machines at WHLS

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